Nothing expresses the desire and belief in a happy future more than giving life to a new human being.

To ensure that our lives and those of our new earthlings remain just as worth living as they are today, we completely offset the full CO2 emissions generated from production to delivery to your retailer for the products « Original Theraline Nursing Pillow » and « my7 Side Sleeper Pillow ». In addition, all CO2 emissions caused by Theraline, for example, from heating the company building to business trips, are also offset.

We thus support the following project:

Wind power project, India

The Kaladong Wind Power Project in Rajasthan consists of 36 wind turbines with a total capacity of 75.6 MW. The project supports the economically and environmentally sustainable development of the power sector and helps reduce the regional electricity deficit. Wind energy avoids greenhouse gas emissions that would otherwise have been caused by electricity production using fossil fuels. This reduction amounts to more than 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents.

The project’s contribution to sustainable development can be determined using the indicators defined by the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests. From an economic perspective, the increase in energy availability is essential. From a social perspective, the contribution is the fight against poverty through the creation of jobs and the improvement of the local infrastructure. The ecological aspects include the contribution to resource conservation through the use of renewable energies.


Other positive impacts of the climate protection project

Substitution of firewood through the availability of electricity in rural areas

Improvement of roads and irrigation systems in the surrounding areas of each project site

Introduction of decentralised medical care for various rural areas

Educational opportunities, especially for youth and women

Improving school opportunities for young girls (completion of fifth grade)


Wenn du unsere Perlenkissen einmal ausprobierst, spürst du eines sofort: sie geben dir oder deinen Lieben Halt, wie kein anderes Kissen. Dabei kommen unsere kleinen Theraline-„Helden“ ganz groß raus: unsere sandfeinen, flüsterleisen Mikroperlen. Egal ob groß oder klein, schwanger oder stillend oder ob du unsere Kissen einfach nur zum Schlafen nimmst, die Theraline-Kissen formen sich dank der frei fließenden, schadstofffreien Perlen immer optimal an und geben im Leben Halt – genauso, wie du es brauchst.